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The good and the bad (a week in retrospect)

…Been one of those weeks…

You know, the kind that you won’t be sad to see gone, where you thank God for getting you through, and keep praying for His continued grace and power in the weekend ahead for you and your loved one. Nah, it wasn’t a horrible week, but I can’t think about too many things that I’ll miss. I won’t miss the quiet suppers sitting alone in front of hulu, trying to find something to watch that is decent, interesting and won’t make me cry (amazing how those three rarely run together). I won’t miss checking the door locks alone and then doublechecking them (yes, I am a little paranoid). I won’t miss staying up as late as possible to put off going to bed alone.

Funny how there is this strange ache from not being touched for a week.

(Okay, that’s all of my complaining…because I know, I am really blessed.)

This Week’s Blessings

(1) Got a wonderful, hardworking hubby who made it a point to communicate while he was gone. (Priceless!)

(2) Met with some wonderful ladies at the Ladies Salad Supper Monday night. I got to hang out with a delightful retired missionary lady to and from the church building, and it was awesome! Heard funny stories from her “on tour” days. Laughing together was good. 🙂

(3) Got my psychology final studied for and taken. Can’t believe I’m done with that course now. It’s a good feeling. 🙂

(4) I learned how to calm myself at night so I could sleep ok. Took me a couple nights, but I finally started to figure it out. lol

(5) Got to chat with my family and a good friend the other night. My day’s are running together, so I can’t remember which evening it was, but probably Tuesday. Chatting with them was pretty awesome though. 🙂

(5) Was guessed as being in gradeschool. Should have seen the man’s jaw drop when I told him that I was married. In fact, his jaw dropped so far, I had to pick it up and hand it back to him. 🙂 Made me laugh. 🙂

(6) People from my church prayed for us Sunday evening and offered to help if I needed anything without us even asking. It was encouraging and comforting to me to know that if I needed it, someone was close by.

(7) Even though hubby was away, I could text him whenever I wanted and he was just a phonecall away and in the same time zone. 🙂

And there are so many more blessings that I’ve begun to think about…now that I started listing them…Thank you, Father!



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Afghan man dies after attacking Colonel: Was of no importance . . . ?

I saw this article posted today in MilitaryTimes. The article was a short and to-the-point. An Afghan man had attacked Col. Paul Kennedy with a rock, subsequently breaking his nose. A Marine, Col. Kennedy’s security, opened fire, killing the man. It’s a sad news story. But, to be honest, I didn’t mention this to talk about the incident or Col. Paul Kennedy. I wrote it because the last sentence in the article bothered me.

“Reports from the Afghan elders . . . indicated that Kennedy’s attacker was a vagrant drug user and no one of importance.

I know what the sentence means, that the writer was just assuring the public that this person wasn’t someone that they were seeking to capture or kill or were necessarily at war with.

But that sentence is also saying something more, that his death shouldn’t seem to matter to most, and even more heartwrenching, that his life didn’t matter. I don’t want to dramatize things (it’s war and it’s painful and ugly and awful, but needs done -I know that), but it did make me stop and pause for a moment and think that, to God, that person meant an awful lot (even though he was a “vagrant drug user”). He was someone Jesus Christ had come to earth to save (John 3:16). Maybe he deserved death (that isn’t for me to decide, God decides that) but God cares for even those who deserved death. That man’s death may be of no importance to most, but God is mourning him.

Why not send a prayer up for those in Afghanistan today? Pray for those who don’t know Jesus Christ yet (that they will come to know him), pray that out of the turmoil and war-weariness that they will find hope in Christ, and pray for endurance and strength for those who already know Christ.

Also I’m very, very thankful for our military servicemembers over there. It’s not an easy job, and the need for split-second decision making can leave a lot of second-guessing later on. Pray for our soldiers, that God would be with them and draw them to Himself as they face the difficulties of war.


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National Guard Looks to the Future: Direction for 2011

As a National Guard wife now, I’ve found myself craving information about the military, and especially the National Guard. When I ran across this article in the National Guard News this morning, I went investigating further, simply for curiosity’s sake.

The chief of the National Guard Bureau shared at the National Guard Bureau’s Domestic Operations Workshop that relationship building (with homeland peoples and organizations) is a goal for the National Guard in 2011. General Craig McKinley shared that, the National Guard’s ability to respond to a domestic response depends largely on relationships established prior to an incident, especially in the homeland. The National Guard has been prepared for overseas missions (especially in the recent years of war), and now General Craig McKinley spoke about their preparedness for homeland missions.

The National Guard is fielding two Homeland Response Teams this year, one in Washington and the other in Ohio, with the goal to field more in the future. General Craig McKinley also committed the National Guard to participating in this years National Level Emergency exercise. General Craig McKinley’s goal is to provide a homeland response team that is ready and flexible.

Reading this article this morning naturally caused me to wonder who General Craig McKinley is and what his job is.  As Chief, he is the senior uniformed National Guard officer responsible for formulating, developing and coordinating all policies, programs and plans affecting more than half a million Army and Air National Guard personnel. In short, this man’s leadership affect’s my husband’s and friend’s jobs directly, and many, if not all of us, indirectly.

In September of last year, General McKinley committed 55,000 to 60,000 Army Guardsmen, out of a force of 370,000, to overseas combat deployments for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately I’m not sure how this compares to the National Guard deployment numbers for 2010 or 2009. Regardless though, there are far more National Guard soldiers deploying than I originally thought prior to this past year.  Last year, General Craig McKinley said that his goal was to balance foreign and homeland missions with the National Guard. There is debate over how funds should be spent and where they should be spent

Please be praying for our National Guard leaders, for God to give them wisdom and guidance as they move into 2011.

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