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Milspouse Friday Fill-in #39 – Separations and Children’s Names

1. Have you and your spouse agreed to live in separate locations (a geographical bachelor tour) knowing that the short-term inconvenience would have long-term benefits for your family? How did it work for you? submitted by When Good People Get Together

Well, we haven’t had this opportunity, and I’m glad. I can see it being considered if there was a significant short-term career advancement opportunity. Say, further education elsewhere or a short-term internship (or TDY’s with the military). Benefits? Hmmm…possibly a savings with finance, possibly not. Also, it could allow for opportunities that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

2. What is your favorite thing about being a MilSpouse? submitted by Sarah Ruth Today

Hmm . . . well I love how hubby looks in the uniform 🙂 and the extra drill pay is appreciated. I love being part of the military community (at least online, I don’t live near a base) and have appreciated the contacts I’ve made and the inspiration and encouragement that others have given me. I also think that, being part of the military community gives you a somewhat different perspective on things. You don’t take a lot of things for granted.

3. If you could still have your spouse/significant other and your family, but take the military life out of it…would you?  submitted by Trust. Love. Believe. Bake.

Mixed emotions. The National Guard, in some ways, can be more of an inconvenience and less of an actual job and lifestyle (like I believe it is for many active duty families), so in that sense, yes, I would like to have the inconvenience part gone. However, I’m proud that my husband is in the military . . . 🙂

4. What have your homecoming experiences been like after a year long tour of separation? submitted by Army Soldier, Army Wife

We haven’t been separated for any longer than a month, and that was before we were married; we’re pretty new to the military. After a month separation, the reunion was very sweet. Like I’ve heard many say, the first couple days (or weeks) are like a honeymoon, you’re so happy to see each other again. 🙂 After that, you settle into readjusting and realizing that you both went through things while apart that the other didn’t really share in.

5. If you have a child(ren) why you chose their name(s)? If not, why you would name your child something?  submitted by Tiara’s & ACU’s

Hmm . . . my number one criteria is that both hubby and I like the name(s). After that, I want it to be one that society won’t think is strange. I don’t want our children walking around with names that make people do a double-take. Other than that, I don’t know. I keep trying out names in my mind, and may have some tentatively picked out, but nothing definite yet. I guess, in some ways, romantic that I am, I want to give my children names that stand for something too (like they did in the Bible), but that can get a little tricky. Perhaps, I’ll give my children good and proper names and then give them nicknames with meanings (nice nicknames, that is). 🙂


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Milspouse Friday Fill-In #37 – PCSing, on post strangeness, and Jesus

Milspouse Friday Fill-In #37Hooray, another Friday Fill-In! Hop on over to Wife of a Sailor to join in, or read more great entries. Just remember to leave me a comment first. 🙂

1. With PCS (permanent change of station) moves happening every few years, do you take the time to paint and decorate your home? submitted by Life as Mrs. JPT

I’m a National Guard wife, so I don’t have to worry about PCSing (though being newly married, with hubby in grad school makes me pretty sure that we’ll be moving in the next couple years, once he graduates). However, if I were PCSing, my first thought would be that of course I would decorate. For me, the decorations give that homey, familiar feeling to a place, and that’s pretty important no matter how often you move. 🙂

2. If you could live in any home on a television series, what would it be? submitted by Standing By Him

Okay, confession here. I haven’t watched much TV, so I really have no idea. In fact, I’m not really sure what type of home I would like to live in anyway. Hmm . . . now you’ve got me thinking. 🙂 Let’s just put it this way, whatever home my husband lived in, that’s where I’d want to be. 🙂 Beyond that, it’s just details, (though I’ll be honest, sometimes I end up being rather particular about those details . . . “sheepish smile”)

3. What inspired you to start your blog?  submitted by Pink Combat Boots

Hey look, it’s a question by me! (I was just going down through these questions and when I read this one, I thought it sounded familiar. It took me a moment to realize that I had submitted it. 🙂 Thanks Wife of a Sailor!)

Uh, the long and the short story of my blogging is that I started it to connect up with others (particularly military folks). I had planned originally to write more military related posts, but as my blog has evolved, it’s become more about my personal life (military living, homemaking, marriage, my “family”) instead. I love writing and having a personal website though. I have the freedom to be myself here, almost like it’s my little corner of the world. 🙂 Makes me happy and keeps me in touch with others. 🙂

4. What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen on base? submitted by Adventures in Life

Well, my base experiences have been very limited. Actually, I’m not sure if I have technically ever been on a real base. I’ve been on several military installations . . . well, ok, two. And as far as I can recall, there really wasn’t anything that strange on them. I did think that having an unmanned barbershop inside of an open, unmanned Subway shop was a little strange, but maybe that’s just me. In the civilian world, if nobody was in the building, it would have been considered closed (and the door would have been locked). And, not to many people would want hair cutting down close to where they are eating (even if the barbarshop was enclosed behind glass).

5. Which historical figure (politician, writer, artist, scientist, actor, etc. . . ) would you like to have dinner with? submitted by Army of Two


Napoleon Bonaparte says it best, “I know men and I tell you that Jesus Christ is no mere man. Between him and every other person in the world there is no possible term of comparison. Alexander, Caesar, Charlemagne, and I founded empires. But on what did we rest the creations of our genius? Upon force. Jesus Christ founded His empire upon love; and at this hour millions of people would die for Him.”

I’d like to sit down with Jesus. In fact, I’d just like to be in His presence, and see Him there across the table from me. I don’t think I’d really want to say anything for a very long while. I’d be in too much awe. Sends chills up and down my spine just thinking about it.

Alrighty, Happy Friday everyone! Have a wonderful weekend!


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MilSpouse Friday Fill-in #32 – Duty Stations, Cereals, Favorite Age

MilSpouse Friday Fill-in

1. Do you or your {spouse} ever wish your {spouse} was in a different branch of the military? submitted by The Turner Family

Not really. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be active army (and sometimes wish we lived close to a base). However, I’m really glad he’s National Guard. It’s opened the opportunity for him to get his masters, and we believe that God has directed us here. I wouldn’t want it any other way!

2. What duty station(s) are on your “No Way, Hell No, Not Going, Have Fun Unaccompanied” list and why? submitted by Every Branch

As National Guard, we’ll never be stationed somewhere, I don’t think. But, if that ever was a possibility, let’s just say I’m still young and naive enough to think it would be interesting to go anywhere. 🙂

3. If you could be one age forever, what age would you choose and why? submitted by Three Krakens

Ummm….well, I think I would want to be four or five again. 🙂 Young, innocent, not a care in the world, and still believing that the world is a wonderful place full of happy, loving people. But, then I wouldn’t have as deep a relationship with my Savior, nor would I know my hubby, and I wouldn’t have experienced all the things I have so far, so, that being said, I’m glad I’m the age I am now. No complaints. 🙂

4. If you were a breakfast cereal, which one would you be? submitted by the C.W.

Ummm, I don’t really know that much about breakfast cereals. Cheerios, Raisin Bran, and Rice Krispies are basically the extent of my experience. Oh, and I’ve tried a bunch of health food varieties (most of them taste like cardboard…). Hmmm, I have no idea what cereal I would be. I’d like to be a cheerio, just because they’re happy, right? I’d like to be Raisin Bran, because I would love to be full of sweet surprises. I’d like to be Rise Krispies, because…ummm…hmmm, that’s a hard one. Oh, oh, oh! My mom makes her own granola, and it’s the best, most fillingest stuff I’ve ever had. 🙂 I would love to be that one too, healthy and hearty! 🙂

5. What is your morning beverage of choice and why?  submitted by NH Girl Displaced

Ah let me tell you! *Drum roll please* I drink water! 🙂 Ok, well, that’s my main staple, boring, but good, healthy and thirst quenching. But cranberry juice is a favorite of mine too! Love that stuff 🙂

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Mil-Spouse Friday Fill-in! 5 Questions

Head on over to Wife of a Sailor to join in!

1. What is your favorite MilSpouse blog (not including Wife of a Sailor who we all love, or your own)? submitted by Our Crazy Life

Umm…I’ve got a lot that I keep up with as best I can. But, one of my favorites has been Army Wife 101. Right now she’s gearing up for a PCS, but before, she had shared a lot of helpful and interesting information for military families. She’s real on her blog and makes you feel like you’re a part of the family.

2. What are your favorite perks about your s/o being deployed (we all know there are perks)? submitted by Ramblings of a Marine Wife

My husband hasn’t deployed yet. We had two different training/testing month long times that my husband (at that time boyfriend and fiance) was away for. It’s definitely not the same as a deployment, but they are the only times we’ve been separated, so I thought I’d mention them instead. There was very little communication between us during those months (the army’s like that sometimes). To be honest, I can’t really think of too many highlights for those. I missed him a lot and tried to keep busy. On the first one, I really dug into my relationship with God for that month, and that was amazing. On the second one, I enjoyed getting to know some other military gals online, and had my first experience of picking my loved one up at the airport when he came back! 🙂

3. How long did you date your <significant other> before getting engaged? Married? submitted by Utterly Chaotic
I believe we dated (courted) for about 2.5 years. It was a long time, but we made the most of it, while he finished undergrad. We got engaged about 9 months before we were married. Since he was in ROTC and going into the National Guard, we were able to have a wonderfully planned wedding. Not the usual mil-wife wedding story, I know, so I’m especially thankful for that. 🙂

4. What do you think your <significant other> would do if s/he wasn’t in the military? submitted by Adventures of M-Squared

Hmm, we’ll he’s in grad school for environmental engineering now, so that’s what he would be doing. He would also like to be more involved with church and serving others. He’s a pretty service minded guy. Something I love about him. 🙂

5. If you could talk to the Secretary of (fill in your appropriate branch) what is one suggestion you would like to bring to their attention in order to improve the lives of military families?  submitted by My Life as His (Air Force) Wife
To be honest, I’m not sure. I haven’t been a mil-spouse long enough to figure it out. I think maybe they could do a little more for National Guard wives, at least with my husband’s unit. We’ve been there almost three months now, and I have had no communication from anyone. Which is okay (I’m not complaining, just wondering how to change it). I don’t mind taking the initiative, but I’m not sure who to even talk too, or if there is an FRG or who I would contact if there isn’t an FRG. It’s kinda confusing and a little frustrating, but I know that’s how it can be in the National Guard. So, just taking things slowly. At least there isn’t a deployment coming up too quickly in the future, so I still have some time to figure things out.

Well, there you have it! Why not leave me a comment, or run on over to Wife of a Sailor and join in the fun (but, leave me a comment first). 🙂


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National Guard Looks to the Future: Direction for 2011

As a National Guard wife now, I’ve found myself craving information about the military, and especially the National Guard. When I ran across this article in the National Guard News this morning, I went investigating further, simply for curiosity’s sake.

The chief of the National Guard Bureau shared at the National Guard Bureau’s Domestic Operations Workshop that relationship building (with homeland peoples and organizations) is a goal for the National Guard in 2011. General Craig McKinley shared that, the National Guard’s ability to respond to a domestic response depends largely on relationships established prior to an incident, especially in the homeland. The National Guard has been prepared for overseas missions (especially in the recent years of war), and now General Craig McKinley spoke about their preparedness for homeland missions.

The National Guard is fielding two Homeland Response Teams this year, one in Washington and the other in Ohio, with the goal to field more in the future. General Craig McKinley also committed the National Guard to participating in this years National Level Emergency exercise. General Craig McKinley’s goal is to provide a homeland response team that is ready and flexible.

Reading this article this morning naturally caused me to wonder who General Craig McKinley is and what his job is.  As Chief, he is the senior uniformed National Guard officer responsible for formulating, developing and coordinating all policies, programs and plans affecting more than half a million Army and Air National Guard personnel. In short, this man’s leadership affect’s my husband’s and friend’s jobs directly, and many, if not all of us, indirectly.

In September of last year, General McKinley committed 55,000 to 60,000 Army Guardsmen, out of a force of 370,000, to overseas combat deployments for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately I’m not sure how this compares to the National Guard deployment numbers for 2010 or 2009. Regardless though, there are far more National Guard soldiers deploying than I originally thought prior to this past year.  Last year, General Craig McKinley said that his goal was to balance foreign and homeland missions with the National Guard. There is debate over how funds should be spent and where they should be spent

Please be praying for our National Guard leaders, for God to give them wisdom and guidance as they move into 2011.

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