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Dinner with Warriors . . . A Time to Remember and Pray

May God bless you all with a wonderful Memorial Day!

I’m spending mine cleaning our apartment and getting ready for my husband’s leaving for Annual Training. I’m so proud of being married to a soldier, especially on days like today. I feel like I’m part of something very big, something that isn’t just part of today, but part of yesterday and part of Tomorrow. For all those who have served, Thank you! For all those who have stood beside their servicemembers who were serving, thank you! For all those who are aware of what the military is doing and has done, thank you!

I was approached a bit back by www.DinnerWithWarriors.com and asked if I would be interested in sharing their cookbook with you all. I was delighted for the opportunity. It’s a special book, with each recipe sharing the story of a wounded or fallen warrior who has served in the war on terror. 70 heroes share their stories and pictures coupled with their favorite recipes. The book is 150 pages long and packed with 120 recipes. I feel it’s important to promote awareness of what our servicemembers are doing, so I was impressed with the cookbook and the ministry. Even more, the proceeds of this book ($16.50 plus shipping and handling) go directly towards helping those who have been wounded or fallen, or family members of wounded or fallen warriors. Dinner With Warriors has donated to The Wounded Warrior Project, Children of Fallen Patriots Fund, Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund, The Soldiers Angels, Homes for our Troops, and TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Programs for Survivors. (Visit More Info Here to learn more.) It’s a simple cookbook with a simple, tasteful layout. However, the real jewel of the book is embedded in the stories and recipes contained within it’s pages.

Also . . .

We visited the local military museum on Saturday. 🙂 There was a very small encampment of World War Two re-enactors there and hubby and I stopped by to see. We were a bit disappointed that it was so small, but I enjoyed going.

Priscila standing in front of tank

I guess tanks are the coolest (at least to me), so that’s where we got some pictures of us 🙂 Kinda strange to be standing next to a piece of history . . . I’m not sure if both of these tanks saw action, but ones like them did.

Hubby in front of tank

The German soldier had this display of guns set up . . .  🙂

stack of German guns

And, here are some of the soldiers.

World War Two Reeanctors talking

Well, God bless, everyone! And hope you have a wonderful Monday with family and friends!


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