Welcome! I’m Priscilla. Thank you for stopping by. May I extend to you a warm and heartfelt greeting!

For Military Wives: My husband joined the National Guard in 2010 with my full support, and we’ve begun our military journey. I’ve spent extensive time researching and being a part of the military spouse community for much of 2009 and 2010. I enjoy engaging in communication and connecting with other military spouses. I’ve been so blessed by the friendships I’ve found and advice I’ve received. My focus is to give back by encouraging and helping other military wives.

Throughout this blog, I’m seeking to provide connection, information, and encouragement to other military spouses and newly married military wives. Visit the For Military Wives page for helpful links and resources as well as browsing the National Guard Life Category for helpful blog articles. Or leave a comment and introduce yourself. I would love to meet you!

My Christian Focus: I’m a Christian, having begun my walk with God when I was four or five years old. It’s been a journey, sometimes easy and thrilling, and other times a struggle and lonely, but God has drawn me closer to Himself through it all. I’m especially eager to share this passion of mine with you. Currently I’m enrolled at Moody Bible Institute (through their distance learning program), and I am finishing my Bachelors of Science degree in Biblical Studies. My studies have been good, but I’m well aware that study is a small part of the Christian walk. What matters most is practical, every day living. I know I have much to learn.

Visit This Earthly Walk Category to catch a glimpse of my day-to-day life with my Savior. You’ll find humor, spiritual lessons I’ve learned, and more.

For Bloggers and Writers: Blogging and writing has been another passion of mine for years and are evidenced here at Pink Combat Boots. I’ve found much to pursue and challenge myself in, in the writer’s world, and especially in blogging. I look forward to sharing what I am learning as well as receiving feedback.

Visit the Social Media Category to learn more about my evolving study of blogging and the online social world, as well as gain helpful advice for developing your own blog.

Action: Choose from the Category listings (linked on this page, or click on the links to the right) and enjoy!

Copyright: All content PinkCombatBoots is the sole possession of the author, Priscilla, unless otherwise credited. Feel free to share short quotes (please do not copy large sections or share multiple quotes) accompanied by a link back to this site elsewhere. Please do not use the pictures unless you receive permission from Priscilla. If you would like to share an article in full or picture, from PinkCombatBoots, feel free to drop me an email and ask permission. My goal is to bless others, so don’t hesitate!

Drop me an email with any comments, questions, or advice. I look forward to hearing from you!

(Your email address and personal information provided are kept private and are used solely for communication with Pink Combat Boots)


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