Feeling just a bit military . . . army gear everywhere . . .

Being a National Guard wife, sometimes I don’t feel at all like we’re military. Life is fairly normal, I keep house, he goes to grad school, we have our evenings together for the most part. Of course there are drill weekends, but other than that, it’s pretty much just normal life.

But, Monday night was a little different.

The Army issued him a ton of military gear this past drill weekend, and hubby pulled it out (backpacks, bivy bag, entrenching tool – nasty looking shovel – canteens, eye protection, helmet, rain gear, etc.) and spread it all over our livingroom floor . . .

TA-50 gear

Hubby was excited about all the gear he was issued, and I thought it was all pretty cool too . . .

(and also that many mothers with youngsters could benefit from some of the gear . . . I mean, look at all those pockets!)

But, you know, for someone whom the military life doesn’t really touch all that much, it was a little sobering for me.

I couldn’t help thinking, “They actually mean for you to use that gear, don’t they?”

(I know, I know, duh, right?! 🙂 I’m really very bright . . . most of the time. Honest.)

Actually, I’m glad for the times when I get to be part of the military world. It helps me feel connected and keeps me in that mindset of being the wife of a soldier. When you’re not in it everyday, it can be easy to “forget” and then some things can come as quite a shock.

On the other hand, it appears that our puppy has adjusted quite well to being a military pooch. (That’s the sleeping bag/bivy bag hubby was issued. Puppy thought it was his.)

Happy Thursday all!


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