Hi, it’s me, the little beaver . . . “chuckle”

the beaver at Pink Combat BootsHi! It’s me, the beaver. Priscilla finally let me on here . . . errr . . . I sneaked on, actually. She’s had her nose buried in a big book for the last couple days, and she doesn’t really notice anything else anyway. She won’t play with me, and mumbles something about psychology exams whenever I ask her to get me a new tree to chew on. I think the humans call it pre-exam stress.

I’m starting to think that humans get way too caught up in things. Honestly, all’s you need in life is spring weather, someplace fun to swim, and a tender tree to chew on. Happiness is that simple. Priscilla isn’t very happy right now, but then she’s never tried chewing on a tree. If she’d just give it a gnaw, she’d definitely feel better. I loves my trees!

You know, there’s a reason there aren’t many beaver’s online.  Keypads don’t like us. Hmmm . . . I wonder if it tastes good . . . Oh, look, here’s a button that says Publish . . .


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