We’re a nice family, honest . . . really. (pictures!)

We never dress our dog up in silly looking outfits . . .

At least, not unless he likes it.

Anything that makes us smile, Danny is more than willing to accommodate.

Could learn a thing or two from him,

like don’t be afraid to act a little foolishly just to make someone smile.

Danny the Collie at Pink Combat Boots

And we never do anything that might cause our dog to worry . . .

or hide under the desk . . .

Danny under the chair at Pink Combat Boots

Okay, maybe we do sometimes worry our dog, but it was just a little airsoft contest . . .

inside our little apartment . . .

uh . . .

Nobody got hurt.


uh . . .

The apartment was fine afterwards too.


(And no, we were not shooting at our dog. He just has an excess of “wimp” genes when it comes to things like airsoft games.)

Disclaimer: Just for the animal concern enthusiasts out there. The animals in this post were not harmed in any way. Neither were hubby or myself, for that matter. Also, for your added comfort, the following endangered species faced no ill affects from these human activities: the Acadian Whitefish, the Black Mountain Boulder Frog, and the Puebla Deer Mouse. The Yellow-Blotched Palm Pit Viper, we’re pretty sure, was not harmed in any way, but due to animosity between certain members in this family and snakes, we felt it best to allow it to remain off the list.

Just wanted to explain.


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