Sure, you have free speech, but not here and not about that . . .

Rights We Take For Granted, Are Not Always Given For Granted

Hubby shared this link with me today. I would highly recommend, you simply go directly to this site and hear some of the stories of how Christian students have faced very difficult circumstances. Is freedom really what America wants? Even if you are not a Christian, think about it. What is America actually saying when it proclaims our rights? And what are we doing to ensure those rights? Sadly, people are abusing the system and mishandling it to support their personal causes and push their own agendas.

(Here is a list of five rights we should have . . . and sadly aren’t always there.)

Christians and everyone, realize that these American rights we take for granted, are more and more coming into question.

These are the stories not told, and they’re being written right here in our backyards.

To add to the stories below, my sister faced this in medical school. For a time she wondered if she would be able to graduate and practice as a doctor without performing an abortion (as a Christian, this was something that went against so much of what she believed). Would she be “forced” to go against her deepest convictions, or would she have to sacrifice the thousands of dollars and the countless hours she had put in during medical school and walk away from a profession that she wanted desperately. God provided for her, but it was a wake-up call.


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