A pre-test study strategy defined

I have a psychology exam coming up . . .

. . . and I’m scared.

I usually face exams with a lot of confidence and rarely get worked up about them. Sure, I worry like everyone else, but, mostly it’s just a show. . .

. . . to make people think I’m great

when I actually do well on the exam.

I know, I know, cheap.

I’ve been doing that since I was very little . . .

. . . and don’t really know why.

But this time, no lie, I’m nervous. I’ve never failed an exam that I can remember, and with three years of college, that should be somewhat encouraging. But, after taking several, very confusing psych study exams, and doing very poorly on them, I’m scared.

So, here I am, writing before I attempt another study exam.

Actually, first I’m going to go give my head a massage, a brick massage.

So if you see a college girl beating her head against a brick wall somewhere . . . well, it’s probably me, putting my newest pre-test study strategy into action.



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4 responses to “A pre-test study strategy defined

  1. rainbowheartlove

    I suspect that you are learning a lot through these struggles. It sounds like you have learned how to be more honest with yourself about how you handle exam stress. Good luck with getting rid of the head ache that you might get from your new study technique. 🙂

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