7 Tuesday Tips – To kick your cold and strengthen your marriage

For the most part, I was able to escape the flues and colds going around this winter. Exactly how I managed that, I’m not altogether sure. But the time has come when those little cold creatures have caught up with me. While I’m a naturally friendly person, I’m not too keen on welcoming these critters in and making them feel comfortable. Pardon my lack of hospitality.

So, on a quest to help my marriage and help these little, not-so-cute, critters get the message that they simply aren’t welcome here, I began looking for ways to clearly communicate (that’s the true blogger in me coming out) that they must leave . . . with all haste. What does this have to do with my marriage? Ummm, well, apart from sluggishly getting up this morning (even after my loving hubby let me sleep in), I just wanted to enjoy being with my husband again. The headache makes me want to crawl under the blankets and never come out again. The sore throat doesn’t encourage talking, and . . . “sniffle” . . . my runny nose threatens to make unpleasant one of my favorite marriage pastimes, kissing!

Since I like doctors even less than I like these little cold critters, I’ve decided to battle my cold from home. No doctors for me, if I can help it. (Nothing against doctors though. I just rarely ever see them on pleasant circumstances, thus naturally forming a dislike for men and women in white lab coats.)

#1 – Drink plenty. 8 to 10 glasses of water today, and another 8 to 10 glasses of water tomorrow, and the next day and so on and so forth. (Actually, you don’t have to wait until you get sick to start this. You’ll feel better and more alive, regardless!)

#2 – Get rest. The body is already fighting these little critters. Might as well help it out by resting and letting it focus on the battle. (Though I couldn’t find exactly how much rest is recommended. Days, weeks, months of snoozing? My best guess is to use your common sense. If you don’t have any common sense, drop me a comment and I’ll do the best I can to find you some, though it is in limited supply these days.)

#3 – Gargle. A teaspoon of salt dissolved in warm water gargled several times a day will help sooth your throat (by drawing out inflamed fluid, thus bringing relief).

#4 – Blow your nose. Keeping your nose clear (through properly blowing it-don’t blow so hard you hurt your ears, taking a steam shower or holding your head over a bowl of steaming water, using an extra pillow at night, using a saline nasal spray, etc.). The draining from your nose causes inflammation in your throat (sore throat), so keeping on top of your nose will help your throat too!

#5 – Stay warm.

#6 – Drink warm liquids. Not only does it feel good, but it soothes your throat and helps prevent dehydration as well.

#7 – Investigate natural supplements. There are mixed opinions about the benefits of Zinc, Echinacea, and Vitamin C. Some feel the supplements help shorten the duration of a cold, while others question their benefits. In any case, they probably can’t hurt (as long as you follow the instructions on the bottle or consult with your doctor first).

(The views in this article are not intended to be medical advice. Check with your doctor about any questions you might have and follow the above suggestions at your own risk. Also, it is generally not recommended to go swimming after dark with stingrays.)

And here’s to quick healing and a happy marriage!

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