March is a Special Month – Precious First Memories with my Husband!

March is a month of beginnings. Even with the recent snow storm, the hope of spring time is fueled by the beautiful white freshness of the snowfall, rapidly melting away in the bright sunshine. Though I love the snowfall and the sunshine, March means far more to me. It shares some very special beginnings with me as well. It’s in this month when my husband and I first committed to marry each other, it’s when we shared our first kiss, and when we got engaged.

March is spilling over with beautiful, precious memories.  Today, last year, my hubby got down on his one knee in a muddy, snow-soaked field, the sun blazing down on us. He pulled out a little black, velvet box and held up a ring that blinded me. I’m not sure if he planned it that way on purpose, but the sunlight that day couldn’t have shown off the ring any better. It was resplendent! Yesterday, sitting in church, I couldn’t help but admire my rings and think back to such amazing memories.

I just asked Hubby what he remembers about that day. He said how he remembers the muddiness from the melting snow, how speechless I was, and how I broke down crying (happy tears) when he asked me to marry him. 🙂

(We took this picture moments after he asked me to marry him!)


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