Vlog Entry – 4 Guidelines For Better Blog Entries

Vlog #1 – Live update from Pink Combat Boots (as opposed to a dead update, which is . . . well, that’s just gross)

Vlog #2 – 4 Guidelines For Better Blog Entries

(I’ve included a script for this vlog below, so feel free to read rather than watch if you  prefer.)

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Blogging is an art form. We’re displaying our uniqueness, as bloggers. Blogging allows us to engage ourselves fully in our craft. We are not only sculpting a beautiful masterpiece, our blog post, but we’re also embedding our very self into our blog. Writing is no longer simply a work of the imagination or a work of relating facts and information, but it is a craft, an art form. We share ourselves with our readers. Surrounding facts, opinions, information, humor and more is our personality. Without this personality, a blog is lifeless.

So, how do you bring out that personality? How do you envelop all your content within this beautiful and precious phenomenon, YOU?

  • Practice being yourself. Take a piece of paper and write (or type) straight for five minutes. Write freely and don’t censor. This is finding who you are, finding your inner voice. It’s beautiful, precious, and real (and perhaps clumsy, strange, and often confused at times). This exercise is not meant to be published, but rather to give you the freedom to fully engage and develop your voice. Doing this often will hone your skills of portraying yourself via words. Be careful, this practice can become addicting, like coffee, or potato chips, or chocolate, or checking your blog traffic stats, or doing your taxes . . . errr . . . scratch taxes.
  • Form opinions. Write freely from strongly held convictions. Don’t write in a negative or contrary way just to be negative or contrary. Readers love content, not lines of expletives. (Also, keep in mind that bosses, coworkers, friends, and even future employers may read your blog. Write what you can be proud of and are willing to defend.)
  • Be specific. Make every word count. Whether it’s a simple retelling of your day’s events or an in-depth article on Chinese calligraphy, make it vibrant and colorful with details. Get chummy with words. They’re your greatest friends. Don’t say “walk” when “sidled” will do. Say “enamored” instead of “caught attention”. Answer who, what, when, where, why and how questions. Give your readers the juicy details. Remember a few perfect words will go a lot farther than pages of fairly good words.
  • Keep it concise. Your readers live in a fast paced world. Many of them will not scroll down beyond what they can see with their first click to your blog. Keep your best content to fit in one screen size.

Within these basic guidelines, give yourself freedom to be you, to speak from your heart. The more real you are, the more your readers (or listeners) will fall in love with you.


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