Free Online Libraries (for military and nonmilitary)!

I’m a huge fan of libraries. I think my love affair with them began in my formative childhood years (something about my parents loving books). My apologies for sounding like a psychology textbook. It’s simply that I can’t really remember a time when I didn’t adore books. And libraries have stacks and stacks of books and all of them are at my fingertips! I think I could be the happiest girl in the world if I got lost in a library. Coming to live close to a college campus with my husband has been the best thing that has happened to me. We’re minutes from their huge campus library. What gets even better is that there is more than one library on campus! (In case you are wondering, I did marry my husband for more than just getting to live close to the library, honest. :))

If you’re a reader, like me, but do not have access to a local library (I can’t imagine how horrible that would be, but just bear with me), there is an option for you, online libraries!

#1 – NetLibrary is a free online library.

#2 – Army Libraries and Army Europe Library are two other online libraries specifically for military families and servicemembers. You can check out books and read them in a variety of different digital formats. The service is free and works much like a regular local library; however, you do need to have a valid military I.D. card for these sites. For more information visit the websites!

(I haven’t personally used these services, so if anyone has had any experience with them, please share!)

Further Reading:

Army Libraries Offer Free Digital Downloads of E-books, Videos




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