Little Red Riding Hood and Mr. Homely

She is young, perhaps late teens, early twenties. She has that carefree, the-world-is-a-wonderful-place look about her. And she’s cute, perfect little face, wide innocent eyes, and a demure smile.

She sat resting on the driver’s seat of his black Toyota convertible, her legs dangling over where the door hung open. Pale brown Uggs booted up her legs, legs that were just a bit longer than they should have been. She wore a red jacket, the hood resting over her long, wavy, brown hair. The bright red hood flashed color in the pre-spring dismalness around her. An overcast sky and a rain-soaked parking lot provided the perfect backdrop for the pretty little breath of sunshine.

Perhaps I’m not the only one who notices Little Red Riding Hood’s sparkle and charm.

As she stood up out of the car, she let out a yawn. Even that action that is unflattering in 95% of the population only made her face all the cuter. Then came Mr. Homely. He walked out of the apartment building, looking happy . . . and unattractive. He must have had other charms than his “good looks” to win him Little Red Riding Hood. A quick hug and kiss between the young couple, and the girl waved a dainty goodbye and started walking across the parking lot. Mr. Homely called out after her, and she turned, with a inquisitive, happy look on her face. He clumsily ran across the macadam to her and they embraced, the girl’s small, dainty hands resting on his green jacketed back. Impulsively, Mr. Homely picked up Little Red Riding Hood and whirled her around. The couple lost in their own little, young-love happiness. Then it was one more quick hug and kiss, and they said goodbye. Perfect Little Red Riding Hood walking away to unknown places and Mr. Homely hopping into his black convertible.

As if the sunshine had departed, the parking lot took on that pre-spring soggy moodiness once more, and I wondered where Little Red Riding Hood was off too and what the world had in store for her today.



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2 responses to “Little Red Riding Hood and Mr. Homely

  1. flutemom

    i like that you left the story open-ended. i’ve wondered about couples like that sometimes, too. i wish i could read their minds and know what they’re thinking.

    • I might have some ideas of what they were probably thinking (having been there myself, in the pre-marriage stage, not too long ago :)), but yeah, for the most part, it was simply an outsider’s view. By-the-way, I didn’t make any of the story up, just watched it unfold.

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