Libyan Conflict – Are the Christians in Danger?

Benghazi University

Sometimes I wonder if the entire world is in one big protest. As I’ve listened to the news’ broadcasts and seen the social media clips of the violence in Libya, I’ve felt overwhelmed. My heart goes out to those who are hurting. Why so much suffering? Why so much pain? These questions are difficult to find answers too. Even as my own country is arguing over budget issues, I wonder about those countries arguing over life issues.

A rarely mentioned part of this conflict has been how the conflict has been affecting Christians in Libya. What does the turmoil mean for them? Are they involved? Libya is number twenty-five on the list (fifty long) of nations that persecutes Christians. Evangelism and the sharing of Arabic Bibles are prohibited there. Christians have seen increased violence towards themselves as the unrest in the Middle East has grown. Churches are forced to operate underground. In short, Libyan Christians are facing even more dangers than their fellow Muslim citizens, who already are fighting for basic human rights. Even if Gadhafi steps down, it is very uncertain whether there would be any relief for Christians. Some hope that a more democratic form of government would be more accepting of minority religions, but rarely has that seemed to be the case in Islamic countries. Please pray.

Pray for:

  • strength, courage, and an unwavering faith and dependence on God for the Christians who are still there (some have left).
  • the opportunities that the Christians who are there have to reach out. Open Doors reports that even in the recent conflict, there is an increasing openness to the receiving of the gospel and an increased desire for Arabic Bibles.

Night View of Mosque

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