Family Readiness Group, Where Are You?

Army FRG

I was encouraged this morning seeing an article in the National Guard News. Awards were given to various FRG (Family Readiness Groups)!  I know it’s a challenge for National Guard wives/spouses to have a working FRG due to the distance and scattered nature of many National Guard servicemembers in any particular unit. However, these FRG’s often offer information, connection, and support to many military spouses and families (or that’s what I’ve heard), especially when servicemembers are deployed. For me, it was encouraging to see that there are actually those in the National Guard who are making it happen.

Being new to the military, I haven’t had any luck with joining, or even finding the FRG, if there is one. I wanted to have someone to go to to have my questions answered. I’ve been struggling a little recently with feeling so clueless and not knowing who to ask or where to go, and I’m not the kind of girl who is satisfied easily with living in the dark. Sometimes I think I must be like that robot from Short Circuit, “Neeeeeeeed input, neeeeed input.” I want more information.

(Disclaimer I’m not necessarily recommending Short Circuit one way or the other, just in case you were wondering.)



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6 responses to “Family Readiness Group, Where Are You?

  1. Josef

    From my experience these things are either run by the CO’s wife or the 1SG’s wife. You’d be lucky to find a good one because this things are usually a bunch of military spouses trying to exercise their significant other’s rank when there is some kind of disagreement–which ultimately leads to FRG failure or even disbanding. Also, they aren’t really active until your unit is about to deploy.

    • Yeah, I’ve heard stories, both positive and negative about FRG’s. I’m not holding my breath, but mostly curious. I would love it if there was someone else to connect with even if it was infrequent, but I don’t want to get involved in a lot of drama.

  2. Girl, you are not alone. My husband is active duty and our FRG is pretty much non-existent. I mean, it’s there and I get emails from the leader about events and things. (Often they are too late to participate though!) But we haven’t even had ONE meeting during this deployment! It’s ridiculous. I’m excited to move to our next post because I already know their FRG is active. YAY!

    • Aww, that is exciting about moving and getting involved with a more active FRG. 🙂 FRG’s are mostly led by volunteers, right? Even though I haven’t really met many other ladies face-to-face, I’ve met some wonderful people here online. 🙂

  3. First thing to do would be to ask your husband. The FRG should have asked him for a POC. If he doesn’t know anything about it, contact your Family Assistance Center (FAC). They should have some information for you. And lastly, if your unit doesn’t have an FRG, consider starting one yourself. The FRG is made up of volunteers, so anyone can play a role.

    • My husband is checking into it and I’m looking around online too. Is it just me, or is the military, sometimes, terribly confusing? I wouldn’t mind volunteering, though I do feel rather new to all of this. I’ll have to keep you all updated!

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