Missing Staplers, Growling Dogs and an Exam

Your missing office supplies got you down? Let’s add a little drama to the event. Here’s something to sing when you can’t find your pens, paperclips, markers . . . and staplers for that matter.

Where Have All the Staplers Gone

So my puppy now has a favorite youtube movie. He adores Chico (honest, he stands looking at the screen very attentively and wags his tale). He has taken to imitating Chico, coaxed on by my husband (and me, I’ll admit). My puppy was watching me clean this morning, with his head up, growling away, at absolutely nothing. So, now if you hear my dog growling, it’s not because he’s mean or upset, he’s just trying to be Chico.

Chico’s Mutterings

One final thing, dear exam this morning, be nice to my husband. He’s worked hard getting ready for you.



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3 responses to “Missing Staplers, Growling Dogs and an Exam

  1. OH MY GOSH you just made my morning with Veggie Tales – seriously – I love Veggie Tales! And that song was such a hoot – just put a smile on my face! Thanks!

    • I hadn’t realized Veggie Tales had “Obscure Love Songs from Broadway”, so when I stumbled across it this morning, it really made me smile. Remembered my days as a receptionist . . . though I must admit I never wanted to sing about missing supplies. 🙂

  2. Oh OK, I love the dog video, too!!!

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