7 Unwanted Questions – Answered, Mostly

I couldn’t get those things I was wondering about and wished I didn’t out of my head. So, just so I could get some peace, I went looking for the answers . . .

1. What is so grand about the “Grand Total” on an invoice anyway?

The “grand” point of view comes from the business’ perspective. The total is always particularly grand to them. That, or grand can mean “all inclusive” and thus, grand means what all you owe, including shipping, tax, special charges, gift wrapping, extra offers, etc. The other cool thing about a grand total is that you won’t get any surprise charges after that. Now that is grand.

2. Exactly how is it possible for me to accidentally leave the heat on high an entire day while away?

Rushing around in the morning, packing a backpack and lunch, making sure hubby gets what he needs, the dog gets walked and putting as much to rights as I can before I leave, along with feeding myself some sort of breakfast and pretending to make an attempt at being slightly fashion conscious (or at least not noticeably unfashion conscious), tends to make one forget the finer points of apartment living, namely, turning down the heat. (Now, I will add that hubby often helps with many of those things, but I included them to make the list look at least reasonably long, so I wouldn’t have to admit that I just plain old forgot to check.)

3. Pardon my asking, why do people wear full dog costumes, and walk around campus like nothing is unusual. Am I the only one who thinks that a little odd? Perhaps I’ve been away in the country to long?

Still not altogether sure what that person was doing that day. However people reacted like it was normal, so he must have belonged there.

4. Why is hanging out with one’s cellphone everyone’s past time? Anyone know what a face-to-face conversation is?

So it just hit me. The main reason everyone is messing around with their phones is because . . . “drum roll please” everyone else is! No, seriously, if you, like me, aren’t using your phone, there is no one to talk too. Might as well get out that little gadget and get busy! That aside, phones are cool, interactive, got so many aps anymore, etc.. 🙂

5. Is there a maximum number of people legally allowed on a bus? And, how is that determined?

Not the perfect answer, but I’m still trying to find if there is an actual legal limit. But here is a basic idea.

“Average Bus Capacity
Capacities can range considerably, from around ten passengers in a minibus to around 200 in an articulated single-deck bus. Bus capacity should include both seated and legal standees. Normally licensed standee capacity is based on about 6 passengers per square meter but up to 9 passengers per square meter can often be accommodated in practice.”

6. How is it that the neighbor next door can walk his dog in the snow wearing a t-shirt, shorts, and slippers?

Still don’t know the answer to this one, but now I’m even more confused. This morning, with it being super warm out, he was wearing a sweatshirt when he took his puppy out. T-shirt when it’s cold out, sweatshirt when it’s warm? Okay, not following. (And . . . I’m not a creepy neighbor who spies on everyone, just in case you were wondering. We have a balcony out the front of our apartment, and I can see anyone taking their dogs out; I usually notice a lot what’s going on outside, because my puppy does and barks at them.)

7. Why does it seem that being fashionable means looking like everyone else? And who determines what is fashionable?

Three-part answer:

  • Celebrities, i.e. famous people (we see what they’re wearing and get ideas from them, or simply want to imitate that look)
  • Clothing Stores – I have yet to figure out if the clothing stores sell what we want to buy, or if we buy it because they’re selling it. In any case, they do determine somewhat what we wear
  • You do (there seems to be enough options out there that we get to determine what our own personal fashion is. Whoo hoo!)

Okay, so there you have it, answers to the silly things I wonder about. Plus, I’ll throw in a little extra trivia while we’re at it.

If someone doesn’t show up for class, it could be they have a genuine disorder: didaskaleinophobia. You can never tell . . .



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3 responses to “7 Unwanted Questions – Answered, Mostly

  1. PonyTailGirl


    This was really good! I like reading your writing.
    Things that made me laugh:

    1. The phone comment
    2. The neighbor walking the dog in slippers
    3. The fashion section — this one I have yet to figure out. I think it is because I have this inbred family culture that no matter where I go, I still look like me no matter what everyone else looks like. Unless I look in the mirror and I don’t know me and then I sometimes am looking like everyone else or perhaps I just got done jumping in a very big mud puddle and it really is me, but not. It is interesting, though….personally, I like shopping at Walmart. There, everyone is who they are because they all have to buy things like carrot sticks (at least I like carrot sticks) no matter if they are a celebrity or a person who likes wearing super man costumes. At least with the person who is wearing the super man costume, the rest of us shopping at Walmart stay mostly entertained! 😉
    7. (I forgot what number I was on, and the message box is too small to see where I am….so therefore, I am on number 7.) People walk around in dog costumes? Funny! 🙂
    13. (Because I did not feel like going in order) — I really liked the phobia about school. Maybe I have it! 🙂 At least attending class. I am perpetually obsessed with learning….it gets me into so much trouble….unless I am writing letters to my sister….and then I am okay…. 🙂
    0. I love you! 🙂

    Your darling sister who is living in a confused state that cannot decide if it likes being warm or cold,

    PonyTailGirl 🙂

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