7 Things I Wonder About . . . and Wish I Didn’t

1. What is so grand about the “Grand Total” on an invoice anyway? Isn’t that how much one owes? Tell me again how that is “grand”?

2. Exactly how is it possible for me to accidentally leave the heat on high an entire day while away? Wondered why the apartment felt abnormally warm when I got home.

3. Pardon my asking, why do people wear full dog costumes, and walk around campus like nothing is unusual. Am I the only one who thinks that a little odd? Perhaps I’ve been away in the country to long?

4. Why is hanging out with one’s cellphone everyone’s past time? Anyone know what a face-to-face conversation is? . . . Just curious. Oh wait, give me a minute, I’ve got to check my texts.

5. Is there a maximum number of people legally allowed on a bus? And, how is that determined?

6. How is it that the neighbor next door can walk his dog in the snow wearing a t-shirt, shorts, and slippers?

7. Why does it seem that being fashionable means looking like everyone else? And who determines what is fashionable?


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