14 Reasons Why I Love My Soldier! Join in!

With today being a drill weekend for my hubby, and Valentine’s day being Monday, what better time than now to do a post about why I love my husband πŸ™‚

Why not join in? πŸ™‚ I’m listing 14 reasons why I love my soldier, and I would love it if you would blog 14 reasons also (seeing as Valentine’s Day is on the 14th) why you love your soldier, husband, special someone, family, etc. on your blog, and then leave me a link here so I can come visit. If you don’t have a blog, feel free to leave a comment anyway. I would love to meet you!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Why I Love My Husband!

#1 – He’s strong (heart strong and physically strong – both winners in my book)

#2 – He’s gentle (nothing gets to me quite like a man who is both strong and gentle :))

#3 – He’s a hardworker (the hardest working person I know)

#4 – He’s such a guy (he keeps me intrigued and just laughing, in a happy way, by how wonderfully masculine he is)

#5 – He’s great with animals (our puppy is crazy about him, my parents dog fell in love with him, and so do all other dogs we run across, even random squirrels on campus come running when he calls to them)

#6 – He loves me for who I am (and no matter what mistakes I make, he still loves me)

#7 – He can make me laugh quicker than anyone else I know.

#8 – When I’m with him, I feel alive, real, and free.

#9 – He’s a thoughtful guy (I know I can trust his leadership and I’ve never seen him just go along with the crowd or popular thought unless it was right).

#10 – He’s a strong and practical Christian (he shows his faith through his actions and isn’t afraid to live real).

#11 – He’s courageous (I’ve never seen him back down from doing what’s right, and he is quick to apologize when needed).

#12 – He’s constantly putting others ahead of himself (and I’ve never heard him complain about it)

#13 – Β For all those things that only him and I know about . . . πŸ™‚

#14 – He’s absolutely heart-stopping in his uniform (give me his ACU’s or dress blues or just plain and simple dogtags – love them all).



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8 responses to “14 Reasons Why I Love My Soldier! Join in!

  1. So cute. I agree I love my man in ACU’s . LOL.

    Write it in Lipstick

  2. Nice List! Made me smile! Found you through Army Wives Lives Military Linky!

  3. Great list to share on Valentine’s Day! Never thought I’d be the type who went for a “man in uniform” but it definitely has its attractions.

  4. Anonymous

    i hate weekend drills, how do u do it?! im in a relationship for about 4 months w an army guy…im scared because i alreadt love him, do i stay or will being an army wife stank? honestly?

    • I can’t tell you what to do in your relationship, but you won’t always get to be with him every minute as an army wife (or probably as any other wife). The army can and will tell him what to do and where to go and there will most likely be nothing you or he can do about it. The army doesn’t ask permission and it does demand a lot from it’s soldiers. That’s just how they work. But it’s not all bad. You get through the separations and work through things. You do need to be very, very committed to each other, because there are some really hard moments. But they’re worth going through for someone you love.

      I was scared too at the beginning when I started wondering what military life would be like. It’s scary imagining how bad things can be. Will he get deployed? Will he be gone all the time? Will I be able to handle it? What if something goes wrong? But, what it comes down to, is how much you’re committed (many other non-military couples have had to go through hell too – the military isn’t exclusive on that one) and how much you trust God. To be honest, knowing that God was with me through anything that the army, or life for that matter, could throw at us, was what made me willing to jump. That, and I cared about my husband-to-be sooo much.

      I know in the early part of my relationship with my husband, the separations were more stressful, but over time, I’ve kinda learned a little how to deal with them. They still stink (worse for your soldier most probably), but it’s just part of life. Drill weekends will become normal. Just another part of your husband’s job. And who knows, God made really use them in your life. πŸ™‚ He has a way of doing that.

      Plus, your soldier is someone who sacrifices for others (that is a lost art in our world today). Men like that aren’t as common as they used to me. If you make the effort, there’s the chance you’ll meet some other wonderful spouses who understand. You have the opportunity to support your man (when he goes through tough times). Plus, once in awhile, there may be some extra benefits (military discounts, some benefits for Guard members, etc.). It certainly isn’t what the recruiting posters say (all gain and no pain), but it has it’s good aspects too.

      To be honest, I wouldn’t look at whether you can handle military life. I’d look at whether you love this man enough to take whatever comes your way. The military can throw things at you, but so can just life in general. If you’re not sure, then take some time to think and pray about it. (If I can gently nudge you, look to God too.) Sometimes it’s just a little extra reassurance or encouragement you need. Other times, you really need to sit down and think where you stand. Army life is what you make of it, and that is up to you and God. πŸ™‚ God bless!

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