Inside Glimpse of Life as a Soldier (in Iraq and Afghanistan)

I’ve often wondered what it is like to be a deployed soldier serving overseas. I know there is a lot of variety, just as there is in any job, but I also know that it’s different than what many of us recognize as normal. A good friend of my husband’s just deployed and it got me to wondering again what it’s like. Well, now and again I hear stories. But I’ve found blogs, by the soldiers themselves, are often the best; I haven’t run across many of those. But, if you’ve been wondering, like me, what it’s like, here is a few random glimpses into their lives.

(To learn more about the pictures, where they were taken, who is in them, etc. click on them.)

(A video clip of soldiers during, this, their final week in Iraq)

Stories From Iraq

(A random blog of a soldier in Afghanistan)

Playing in the Sandbox . . . Again



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2 responses to “Inside Glimpse of Life as a Soldier (in Iraq and Afghanistan)

  1. In hope that there could be a peaceful resolutions to the amny problems in Iraq right now so that the sacrifices of our soldiers would never be in vain.

    Thanks you America for offering the very lives of your young men and women in the altar of international relations.

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