Laugh Lines: From True Inner Peace With God

Yesterday, at church, I was thinking during prayer meeting. Yes, I know, I’m supposed to be praying and I did do that, but I couldn’t help noticing things, and thinking about them. My husband and I just recently started attending this church (since we just got married and moved here). The people are so friendly, and we were welcomed with open arms. Last night, at prayer meeting, we joined a small group of the church. They were all older, except for my husband and I (and the Pastor). I’m sure they have seen their share of troubles in life. But, the thing I noticed most was the laugh lines around their eyes. Some of them seem to have this perpetual, peaceful smile on their face, even when they are praying (yes, I confess, my eyes were open while we were praying).

I couldn’t help but wonder how they got that peaceful look on their face. Yes, perhaps it’s taboo to talk about wrinkles (forgive me this wrong), but even their wrinkles seemed to be smiling. Calmness, cheerfulness and peace flowed from them. They seem that way all the time. Even last night, when the group was sharing sad and serious requests, they seemed to have an overwhelmingly peaceful understanding that their Heavenly Father was watching over everything.

My husband and I leave prayer meeting Sunday nights feeling something that is hard to explain. There is nothing “special” about it (no band, no movie, no charismatic preaching, no entertainment), just a small group of people sitting together, opening their hearts up to Jesus and each other. But those times are the most amazing ones to me. I know God and I trust Him, but I fear I don’t have the peace and cheerfulness that these saints do. I want more, I want that peace and cheerfulness flowing from trust in God and the inner working of His Holy Spirit in my life. I want laugh lines when I’ve seem as much of life as they have.


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