Perfect Time to Make the Weekend Special: 10 Days till Valentine’s Day!

So it’s almost the weekend. Just as soon as school lets out today, work finishes, and hubby comes home for the day, the weekend begins. Maybe your weekend is going to look like mine, working on random projects and attempting to get homework done as well as spend some wonderful time with hubby. Or maybe your weekend is already jam-packed with fun with barely room enough left to breathe in. In either case, why not see what you can do to make this weekend special.

Actually, the Dating Diva’s gave a bunch of great ideas to start with for dates.

Pick something just a little out of the ordinary this weekend, or add a touch to any of your normal weekend dates. If you want to have a little fun decorating and need to pick up a few things, there are numerous coupons online for various craft stores. I live close to a Michaels and just noticed this coupon (linked below). (A.C. Moore will usually take competitor’s coupons as well, so you can print the Michaels coupon out and use it there too!)

If your loved one is deployed or you are separated due to the military, but he can receive email, why not design a digital card yourself and then email it to him. (If your computer does not have photo editing software on it, Picnik is great. I’ve uploaded pictures of me and hubby, decorated them a little, wrote my own note, saved them, and then attached them to an email . . . just to say “hi” and to let my hubby know I was thinking of him during the day).

Make the little things count. Think of a few good questions to ask your spouse.

The Generous Wife prompts memory sharing.

Most Importantly

Make this weekend special for you and your husband. This isn’t about having the best, storybook date idea, but about that special and altogether unique bond you share as a couple. Give him an extra smile, kiss, and encouraging word. Whether it’s a thrilling date that you will be talking about for years, or quieter moments infused with love and care, make this weekend special!




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