Blogging: Craft Good Content – Your Blog Will Soar

As a writer, there are numerous ways to get word of your blog out into cyberspace, but they are only as affective as the quality of your blog’s content. If your blog is not backed up with the kind of content that will draw readers in, you will be back where you started in short order, namely, heavily marketing your blog without getting a repeat readership. Your actual content (written, audio, or video) as well as the useful links you include in your blog are very, very important to the life of your blog. It can draw people in and connect them, or it can distract them.

The awesome thing about blogging though, is that it breathes off of the niche (a focused area of interest) development. You have the freedom to develop your particular area(s) of interest and fuel that passion of yours in your blog. You can write about what inspires you, because there will be other people who are interested in the same thing. However, the trick is giving your readership quality content about your passion that is relevant to them.

And this is where blogging flies up to a new level. The desire to connect with others, challenge them, and help them (via information, how to’s, fascinating facts, humor, etc.) is what will draw people back again and again. This is where it all starts. Good well-laid out content is key! So lift your content up as the art that gives your words wings. Give it the focus and time that it needs. Make it soar.


29 Ways to Keep Me Coming Back to Your Blog Again and Again

The Importance of Writing Great Blog Content

#1 – Great content will build your readership.

#2 – How do you craft great blog content? Give them what they want.

#3 – Post headlines are very important.

The Four Pillars of Writing Exceptional Blogs

Pillar #1 – Be Extremely Useful

Pillar #2 – Write Great Headlines

Pillar #3 – Make the Post Scannable

Pillar #4 – Write in a Plain, Concise, Common Sense Style


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