5 Questions To Determine Who You Want to Blog For

Who are you writing for? How do you determine what your blog’s focus is? Are you writing mainly just to get things “off your chest” so to speak, or with a specific readership in mind?

Here are five questions that can help you focus and/or evaluate who you are writing for. I find that without a focus or target, my writing can be all over the place (as it presently is), on random topics. Lately I desired a more focused approach and began to embark on securing that.

One of the first steps IS determining your target audience, (yes, it’s a term borrowed from marketing, but it has bearing in the blogging world as well). Most of us blog with the desire that someone will read what we write, and not only that, but that they will return again and again. We want to connect with people, share things with them, and hear their responses back. After all, blogging is about connecting. So, begin asking questions like the one’s listed below.

Question #1 – What kind of people do you want to draw to your blog? Married, single, with children, older, younger, American, other. What about their income level? Are you catering to the young, low-income newly-married couple, or the well-established middle-aged, two-income household?

Question #2 – Do you desire to draw people of a particular political affiliation or religion?

Question #3 – What kind of blog (text only, photoblog, vlog, podcast, etc.) will reach them or appeal to them most?

Question #4 – What are their typical daily lives going to look like? (Stay-at-home mom, business woman, in college or school, moving a lot-as in the military lifestyle, etc.)

After you answer the questions, write a paragraph that describes your target audience. Keep it specific, but not too exclusive (i.e. stay-at-home moms may be a good focus, but stay-at-home moms in Nebraska may be a little too exclusive). Once your paragraph is complete, you then are ready to work on determining how best to reach your target readership (how can you give them what they need, or address concerns or interests they have?).

Happy Blogging!


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