Obama to Encourage Help for Military Families Through Interagency Efforts

The MilitaryTimes shared that President Obama spoke about helping military families (with education, including spouse and child, physical and psychological well-being, and career help, and childcare). As the article said, service members . . . say their top concern is making sure their families are taken care of. Simply, helping military families helps our soldiers.

Here is an article on DOD (Department of Defense) Live that shared the way that increased support for military families will be achieved is through the cooperation and partnership with non-military groups and agencies and well as the government.

Fifty-five percent of the force is married and 40 percent have two children.  Only 37 percent of our families live on military installations; the remaining 63 percent live in thousands of communities nationwide.

Are their ways your community is supporting military families and servicemembers? I’m curious as I’m very new to the military community.

(Hubby and I received a significant discount on our honeymoon due to his being military.)


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