Drill weekend: At my parents while hubby is at drill

This weekend has been, in many ways, relaxing for me. I’m away from home so I don’t have to worry about cooking or cleaning. 🙂 But I also haven’t had as easy access to the internet. I’ve taken a few pictures and I’m writing when I can though so I’ll be able to update here once I get home. (I would share pictures with you now, but I’m not altogether certain how to put them on a Mac, which is what my parents have. I’m sure I could figure it out if I worked at it long enough, but with time limited online, I would just rather wait until I get home.)

Hoping everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

My Weekend:

1. Snow!

2. Waking up early to send hubby off.

3. Shopping trip at discount grocery. (Gotta love the deals I found! And the time I got to spend with my Mom.)

4. Puppy enjoying being with the family again.

5. Writing thank you notes (from the wedding). (It’s only been a month so far . . . anyone know how long I have to finish the rest of them? I have felt overwhelmed by how blessed hubby and I have been by everyone, and I really want to express that in each card, but that can take some time.)

6. Catching up with a very good friend! 🙂 🙂

7. Enjoying time with the family. (Just relaxing and hanging out. My brothers are great – very energetic and always into something fun :))

8. Eagerly waiting for hubby to get back!!


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